The Silence of the Sea

Silence is commonly mistaken for the absence of sound, but it is, in truth, the absence of noise. On the other hand, the sounds of the sea are truly precious gifts that enchant our ears and souls. There are sounds that are gifts for the ears and for the soul, the sounds of the sea.
Amidst life’s wonders, we find various beauties: the sight of a graceful sculpture, the sound of a joyful melody, and then there are those complete and profound moments. To witness the vastness of the sea while embracing its serene silence, a beauty that transcends the senses and touches the soul.

Sleeping while listening to the sea

Hotel Barú, refreshing in spirit and warm at heart.

Awakening in a natural setting

At Hotel Barú, where the sea blends with the earth in sand, forest, and marsh, and joins in chorus with the birds, singing to celebrate every new sunrise.

Born in the embrace of the Mediterranean

Two restaurants, embodying a singular essence. Tatum Restaurant offers à la carte dining, al fresco, while our Buffet provides a delightful array of options.

Tatum Beach

Enjoy our Beach Club and restaurant, next to the pool with direct access to the beach.

Embark on a magical day

Distinguished events in an exquisite setting.