‘Our team is our essence’

At Hotel Baru we are committed, calm and helpful people.

When we surround ourselves with beauty and nature we elevate ourselves and become better people.
All our team live near Almardá beach and we want to preserve this gift we receive in the form of a beach, forest and marshland, just a few minutes from the city of Valencia. That is why we have built a sustainable hotel.


Eastern traditions taught us that happiness is born of inner peace. We like the peace that we breathe on Almardá beach and that’s why we decided to settle here.


We discovered an oasis of silence and decided to share it with people from all over the world who value respect, tranquillity, kindness and cooperation. That’s why you’ll always find us with a smile on our faces.
In English we say that to deserve is “to deserve”,which comes from “from the service”. People deserve as much as we are capable of serving others. We want to deserve your trust and we have a commitment: “our guests always leave better than when they arrived”.

Pau Gallart


I lead the team to deliver an exceptional guest experience, efficiently managing all operational aspects and ensuring high standards of quality and service.


Isaac Caballero

Head of kitchen

I offer an exceptional culinary experience, ensuring the quality, variety and presentation of the dishes, thus satisfying the palates of the customers.


Julia Egea


I ensure a welcoming and clean environment for our clients. He also coordinates the team of chambermaids.


Mónica Giménez

Head of Reception

I am responsible for efficient and friendly service, ensuring a satisfactory experience for every customer. I also coordinate our team of receptionists.


Raúl Hortelano


I oversee the service in the restaurant, ensuring a welcoming atmosphere, impeccable service and a memorable dining experience for every customer.


Martin Juricek

Maintenance Manager

I am responsible for the optimal functioning of the hotel facilities and equipment, contributing to the comfort and safety of the guests.